SOUR lightings/objects/
bathroom kitchen surface

SOUR brand produces 

one-off and limited edition pieces 

where Design and Craft meet. 

SOUR is a temporary forever concept 

for Hotel and House realm.

SOUR collection is conceived 

by RaffaGuidobono, crafted by local artisans, made with premium materials Solid Wood, Marble, Brass, Murano Glass, Porcelain and much Love.  

Sour logo Courier customized by @dsgncmmnct

Shelf Oakwood - Diamond cut DESIGN Leftover //Raffa Guidobono. Any size you wish Handmade in Palermo

EDITNapoli 2020 SOL // DESIGN Raffa Guidobono // Aluminum // various size// Usual Cachepots found here an unseen before form. Infinite size available. 

SOL Cachepots/Vases DESIGN Raffa Guidobono Available Corten/Inchyra/Dove/DustyPink or Bauwerkcolours
PRUE Oakwood - Here Functional ToiletPaper Holder DESIGN Leftover // 2021.  Endless size
Here HandCrafted uneven Apotropaic shelf for your Icon/Goddes//Amulet #minialtar #amuletshelf #altar
ADA Brass Sconces // Wall Lighting DESIGN Raffa Guidobono. Available Brass/Iron/Corten/Inox

//SOUR Bathroom Custom Made Accessories

Wall-hung sink Lava stone. Bespoke Trapezoidal shape for a tiny bathroom.

DESIGN Leftover // Raffa Guidobono

CEA Design Taps mixer

//SOUR Bathroom Custom Made Accessories 30x30x H14 cm

Countertop washbasin. Bespoke furniture for a tiny bathroom.

Shower Tray Carrara Marble

DESIGN Leftover // Raffa Guidobono

Carved sunrays irradiation will be always slightly different.
Shower-tray endless size available.

Roma 2015/ Venezia 2019 / Carrara 2018/ Milano 2020

RA CeilingLamp// Available in BlownGlass, Tiffany Glass,Brass,Silk,CarraraMarble. Same size.
RA Tiffany Glass Lamp // DESIGN Raffa Guidobono // Crafted by Alessandro La Barbera
TRE Brass Lamp // DESIGN Raffa for Botanical Garden Library in Palermo curated by Radiceterna
Brass COAT RACK // DESIGN Raffa //Crafted by V Genovese. Selfstanding or Wall system unit available
PAILLETTES Sequins coated with enamel 24k gold Limoges Porcelain// DESIGN Raffa CraftedbyBottegaNove
Wall surface covering Porcelain Gold 24K // DESIGN Raffa // Crafted by @botteganove // BDW 2018
Blown glass GOBLET squared-foot //DESIGN Raffa Guidobono Manufactured in Murano Nicola @Berengo 2019
YEY Seau à glace // DESIGN Leftover//R Guidobono. Black ebony Oakwood Tannin reaction with ironoxide

Speziale // DESIGN Raffa

TOOLBOX for Superfood and Spices case for Sumac/ Spiruline / Rosmarin / Cumin / Pepper / Fennel/ Baobab / Curcuma/ Maca / Canapa seeds/ Acaj / Mangostano / Aronio / Cocoa and more.
INOX AISI 304// Aluminum // PlyWood C Surface handmade with Spices dying


EDITNapoli 2022 7-9 October 10am-7pm

Complesso Monumentale San Domenico Maggiore Refettorio Stand ELEIT.IT 


Proudly crafted in Palermo Via dei Calderai in collaboration with Federica NegozioLeggero