SOUR lightings/objects/surfaces

SOUR brand presents 

one-off and limited edition pieces 

where Design and Craft meet. 

SOUR is a temporary forever concept 

for hotellerie and private property.

SOUR collection is conceived and designed 

by Raffa Guidobono, manufactured with local 

artisans and made with premium materials 

such as Solid Wood, Marble, BlownGlass 

and much Love.

The perfect typefont for the Sour logo

here is a Courier customized by @dsgncmmnct

Matteo Alabiso. 

Usual Cachepots found here an unseen before form. Infinite size available. DESIGN Raffa Guidobono
SOL Cachepots/Vases DESIGN Raffa Guidobono Available Corten/InchyraBlue/Dove/DustyPink or Bauwerk
Shelf Oakwood - freehand cut DESIGN Leftover //Raffa Guidobono.  Infinite sizes available on demand
ADA Brass Sconces // Wall Lighting DESIGN Raffa Guidobono. Available Brass/Iron/Corten/Inox AISI 316
Ra Ceiling Lamp. Available in BlownGlass, Tiffany Glass,Brass,Silk,CarraraMarble. Same size#material
PAILLETTES Sequins coated with enamel 24k gold Limoges Porcelain manufactured by BottegaNove
Wall surface covering Porcelain Gold 24K manufactured by @botteganove // BDW 2018
SQUARED Blown glass Goblet squared-foot manufactured by Nicola @berengostudio Price upon request
SQUARED Blown glass Goblet squared-foot manufactured by Berengo Studio Murano. Available on demand.