3The LEFTOVER / Raffa Guidobono 

Portrait © Bill Phelps

HALLO 2023 ***** it's 11 YEARS SO FAR.


10 years ago everything started in Biennale Architettura 2012 with the <A Better World> Collateral Event Greenhouse Talks and Shows conceived and curated by Raffa Guidobono. Early 2012 she designed the plinths and tables for the Antonio Marras Accessories F/W collection then on April joined the [acasa]project for MDW2012, produced by h+ and curated by Beatrice Rossetti, in partnership with Society Limonta, Iittala, Davide Groppi.
In 2014 she worked on the Hotel construction site to craft the G-Rough Kitchenettes, the ground-floor G-Bar and the G-Rough Hotel Reception for the Architect Giorgia Cerulli and the Design Hotel Owner, in Partnership with Smeg + Gessi + Ivas. In 2015 she joined the A MATTER OF PERCEPTION Exhibition hosted in Palazzo Litta curated by DAMn° Magazine with her first stools production in chestnut wood oakwood and marble top.

Same year she was selected for the Independent Design Festival OPERAE in Partnership with Coltellerie Berti, then Operae 2016-2017 editions too. From 2016 her brand LEFTOVER partnered BASEMilano to make custom made furniture at the guesthouse casaBASE, recipient of the BIG SEE Tourism Award 2020 for the interiors conceived with Stella Orsini.
Raffa's project DBench
was selected in XX1Triennale over35 with the Duo benches dissemination between Accademia Brera and BASEMilano. In 2018 she proudly started a new collaboration with TWS with the production of Leftover tailored Table top TramediPietra Collection.
Shipping worldwide, Raffa now produces collectible pieces under the brand SOUR and her signature collection LEFTOVER of Tables Stools Shelves Cupboards and Kitchens in two workshops between Palermo and Milano.
The project PRUE manufacturing Oakwood remnants presented at Officina Antiquaria for the MDW 2022 in via Maroncelli with the curatorial advice of Federica Sala is on display till November 2022.
On the Occasion of EDITNapoli 2022 the Superfood/Spices case <Speziale> will be unveiled 7-9 October in the booth ELEIT. Conceived as a toolbox the new object is made AISI304 + PlyWood crafted by Master blacksmith Paolo in via Calderai in the heart of Palermo.
iDESIGN PALERMO is now celebrating its 10th Anniversary and by invitation only the Leftover studio showcases Superfici/Superfood/Surface with the recent research into pigmentation processes with Sicilian spices oxides and pigments applied to kitchens and bathrooms surfaces. The partnership with BAUWERKCOLOURS will be shown 15-19 October 2022 with some sample woodboards and wallpainting tests.


Table and Stool Signature Collection in plywood always available on demand. 
Bauwerkcolours limewash top finishing are the most sustainable, now also for Oakwood and Chestnutwood structure. Always available Natural Stone TWS or selected Marble and Lava stones top. Together with sideboards, low tables, shelves, and the raw kitchenettes iron marble and wood, the bespoke and limited edition works for house renovation includes Kitchen and Bathroom design. Early 2022 is the year of presenting bespoke furniture for a resort in Marsala with Coccio pesto and Bauwerkcolours finishing..
2021 opened with the news of Calacatta Marble on the Double - Top Table CONSTANCE, now on production alongside the classy Leftover tables and stools 
2020 made her work such a wonder. The new Cache pots/ Vases SOL, were unveiled in the Exhibition Seminario /EDITNapoli curated by Domitilla Dardi and Emilia Petruccelli.
Palermo 2019, Brass Racks and Tables for the <Mr.>'s Atelier were both selfstanding and wall-hung, and beside several private residencies, Raffa delivered tables and benches at the new Franzina Trattoria in Brixton. 
In 2018 she designed the Bar Counter, Seats, Plinths, Shelves, Tables and Lighting for the Manifesta12HQ Bar Bistrot at Teatro Garibaldi.
With Ignazio Mortellaro and Vito Priolo Raffa set up the Calidarium at the Botanical Garden in Palermo so you can now walk in and browse the botany books in the Library of RadicEterna while seated on Leftover Reading Armchair Tables and Mini Stools near the brass ReadingLamp Sour. 
In Milano you can check her Interior Design with tables and chairs at the Restaurant Tapas_de_pescado and lots of bespoke furniture at BASE and guest-house casaBASE too.

In Turin you can find Leftover's furniture at the fab Orso Laboratorio Caffè + Mara dei Boschi Gelato, the outdoor tables at La Drogheria Piazza Vittorio, and the front desk at Mara dei Boschi Gelato in Alba (CN). In Amsterdam, at Locanda Jordaan, the LEFTOVER plywood Table Tops blend perfectly with Mezzoatelier's chairs. Some tailor made furniture can be seen in the restyling of Maison Bergdorf in Interlaken, with the Sour Brass Lamp Ada and the Oakwood Bottle Shelves, a prototype Iron lighting system and new Leather Superflat Cushions as if made for a carriage.
Beside 600sqmt Interiors restyling of the Murano glass showroom Berengo in the Venice Lagoon, 2020 Year was the perfect timing for several kitchens and bathroom renovation in private houses located in CinqueTerre, Milano and Palermo, all of them filled with bespoke furniture too, including the new Meridiana shower-trays and lava stone wall-hung sink manufactured in Rome and Carrara.
The new-normal Lockdown-Era already told us, more than ever, the actual need about how to feel better staying at home.
Call me if you want to start a renovation/restyling/reset a kitchen a bathroom a living room a wardrobe a bookshelf or to make over the whole mansion. From the balcony onwards.


Under the name SOUR, born in 2016, Raffa Guidobono conceived the ceiling lamp Ra, the free-hand cut Oakwood Shelves, the Brass Lamp Ada, the knife-holder, the Marble+wood Trays, Trivets and Shower-trays, the Porcelain Sequins Wall covering coated 24K gold manufactured by BottegaNove, the Murano Glass Goblets, the rusty Cachepots and more. 
Conceived for @Turba Lugano as a pop-up temporary Natural wine store in 2016, the SOUR concept is now a gem for retails, hotels and unexpected venues.
Place Elevation is still the Sour Interiors restyling formula, mixing Vintage find and customized furniture. Stay tuned.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ATERRATERRA LAB 2023
4 LEFTOVER Tables Marble + Iron @aterraterra
18 June 2023
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ELEIT 2023
Speziale Special Edition for @labnoon Book DLISH
14 June 2023
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\SICILYEY 2023
come over in Sicily / YOUNGER EVERY YEAR
Website www.sicilyey.it LAUNCH 21 SEPTEMBER 2023
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\EDIT NAPOLI 2022
New Partnership with ELEIT <Speziale>
7-9 October 2022 10am-7pm EDIT Napoli Refettorio /Complesso Monumentale San Domenico Maggiore 
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\PALERMO IDESIGN 2022
Private opening last research and BAUWERK wallpainting tests
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\MILANO DESIGN WEEK 2022
PRUE // June 8th 2022 - 3 September 2023 Apotropaic shelves
The LEFTOVER suspended Plinths for your Amulet/ Talisman/ Picts/ still on display @officinaantiquaria via Maroncelli 2. Milano Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\SOUVENIR PALERMO
Coming soon after Souvenir Velasca Love card-holder limited edition, which btw, still rocks and you can always p
lace an order in 2022, not as Christmas gift only.
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\NITTO ATP FINALS TORINO
Leftover solid wood Tables set in LEA Teatro dei Ragazzi Torino by secondomegallery, together with the round tables by StudioF for the FIT Tennis players. Internazionali di Tennis 2021
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\<TOKYO2020> OLYMPICS
2021 Summer Days of Glorious Italia Team passing by Casa Italia where Leftover solid wood Tables were set up in the Saletta Restaurant by secondome gallery and crafted by StudioF.
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\<PLEASE HAVE A SEAT> KORTRIJK Interieur from October 15 till November 14th is the group show where a brand new Leftover stool - so called Flaw on purpose - proudly shows some valuable imperfections, unveiling the limepaint Bauwerk colour as top finishing.