After the Collateral Event conceived for Venice Architecture Biennale 2012 and the set up for Antonio Marras Accessories F/W 2013-14 in Milano, the LEFTOVER small crew proudly produce and deliver worldwide custom made furniture since then. Conceived by Raffa Guidobono the LEFTOVER Design Factory was born in Palermo in 2011, producing crafted wooden pieces with a very simple design, working for place elevation, either Bars and Design Hotel suites Private Residencies and Hybrid Cultural Venues. 

Self-taught designer, not willing to sell her soul to the devil, she trust only valid professionals and wish to express the heritage of her eclectic aunt Nina. Since when Raffa moved South 13 years ago, to restore a magnificent Piano Nobile of a 16th Century Palazzo in Palermo, after traveling for almost 2 decades as Design Advisor for Moleskine Co, the LEFTOVER + SOUR brands became in her hands, a full-service design firm, to shape new Interiors and to renovate Kitchens, Bathrooms, Living playground, terrace or garden, together with the finest craftsmanship, between Palermo Torino Ostuni Roma Venice and Milano. So to meet highest possible environmental standards shipping, sometimes, take more time than expected.
Enjoy slowness.

<Take your pleasure seriously.> 

Charles Eames

// LEFTOVER Cupboard for Kitchen Living room or Bedroom 

infinite size

Plywood and epoxy resin glossy

DESIGN Leftover// Natural wines Store @Turba

Lugano 2016 

Ph. ©Eller
// LEFTOVER Stools solid wood
Chestnutwood and Blackboard paint on top

VIP lounge Internazionali di Tennis @ForoItalico

curated by Claudia Pignatale

Roma 2015

Ph. ©Francesca Falsetti

// LEFTOVER Hotel Butler Desk + Keys Holder Shelf + Wall hung Storage // LEFTOVER Kitchenette

Plywood and epoxy resin glossy

DESIGN Leftover for G-Rough - Unconventional Luxury Suites
On the wall FORNASETTI Themes and Variations Round Plate

Roma 2014

Ph. ©Eller

//LEFTOVER Oakwood Shelf handmade Diamondshape cut. Bookshelves// Wineshelves. Just wish. 

DESIGN Leftover// Raffa Guidobono crafted by StudioF

Beware details of knots are intentional imperfections here.

Endless size available. Shipping worldwide.

Milano 2017

//LEFTOVER Oakwood table structure + Oakwood Top 220x80x75cm

DESIGN Leftover// Raffa Guidobono crafted by StudioF

Details of knots are intentional imperfections here. 

Any size available. Shipping worldwide.


CinqueTerre 2020

//LEFTOVER Chestnut wood Low Table structure + Natural Stone Top TWS Bardiglio Imperiale 
Texture Sacco TWS ©TRAMEDIPIETRA 100x80x35cm

DESIGN Leftover// Raffa Guidobono Crafted together with Carletto Caviglia

Ostuni 2018

//LEFTOVER Dbench and Towel Hanger

Plywood bench. Available oakwood / chestnutwood or marble top

Endless size. Available also with Bauwerkcolour finishing on front side

CasaBase Milano 2018 

Ph. ©Eller

//SOUR Lava stone Wall-hung bespoke Sink  

Custom Made Trapezoidal Shape manufactured by MarmiGraniti

DESIGN Sour// Raffa Guidobono

CEA Bathroom Taps  

Milano 2019 2020


Limestone top / Oakwood table legs bends and structure

DESIGN Leftover// Raffa Guidobono made in team with StudioF

Ostuni/ Milano 2019

//SOUR Goblet Squared Foot + Tumbler

Hand Blown in Murano with Nicola @Berengo

DESIGN // Raffa Guidobono

Murano 2019

//SOUR Brass Reading Floor Lamp TRE

DESIGN // Raffa Guidobono crafted with Valerio Genovese

Palermo 2018

//LEFTOVER round table and chairs Winter Version

Plywood Top finishing Marble. Available in Blackboard / Coccio Pesto / Epoxy Resin matt or glossy

Ph. ©Eller

// LEFTOVER bar stool

Plywood and Formica Laminate

DESIGN Leftover// Raffa Guidobono


//LEFTOVER lowtable 

Milano 2017

//LEFTOVER tables coffee tables and benches 

VITRA chairs + PSLab Lighting system.


Milano 2016

Ph. ©Eller 

//LEFTOVER tables coffee tables +VITRA chairs 


Milano 2016

Ph. ©ValentinaSommariva

//LEFTOVER coffee tables low-tables stools

BASE SalaA Groundfloor

Milano 2016 

Ph. ©Eller

//G-rough Hotel

Leftover G-bar counter + Leftover stool + Mirrorized Seletti Glass Tiles

DESIGN Leftover// Raffa Guidobono in collaboration with Arch. Giorgia Cerulli

Roma 2014

Ph. ©Eller

/ SOUR shelf

Oakwood - freehand cut 

DESIGN Leftover //Raffa Guidobono  

Endless size. Always made to measure. Shipping worldwide.

Ph. ©Eller

/ LEFTOVER bookcase


DESIGN Leftover //AvE + Raffa Guidobono

Maison Bergdorf lounge

Interlaken 2017

//LEFTOVER oakwood shelf

Infinite size on demand

DESIGN Leftover // Raffa Guidobono

Ph. ©Eller

//LEFTOVER ZERO KITCHEN / custom made / any size shipping worldwide. Infinite Bauwerkcolours. 

Iron + Wood / Marble Top or Resin Top / Brass Details on demand and more.

DESIGN Leftover //Ra Guidobono
Ph.CGB ©casamenu.it 

Casa A+G//Milano 2019 

//LEFTOVER Mezzanine bed for reading and picnic plus french style floor mattress 

Iron + oakwood + bespoke silk and cotton fabric capitonné

DESIGN Leftover// Raffa Guidobono

Trapani 2015

// LEFTOVER Coffee-table Available any size

DESIGN Leftover// Raffa Guidobono

VITRA Armchair 

Vintage find Stella Orsini + Raffa Guidobono

BASE Milano 

Ph. ©Eller

A small team to design and produce by craftmanship enough ideas, furniture, objects, offer interior design consultancy and/or styling, restyling tailoring.
Custom-made accessories, as well as limited edition pieces, tops and surfaces on demand are r
eassuringly delivered worldwide. Plywood and Oakwood tables, stools, chairs, bookcases, cabinets, sideboards, cupboards and more built in workshops located wherever it's best to conceive, work, live, cook and lounge.

Please come to visit Palermo anytime soon if that suite your schedules.